Supported devices

Our program is made for both desktop and mobile devices. As we're aware that nowadays more and more internet traffic is coming from mobile phones (smartphones) we wanted our app to be widely available to provide our users best experience they can get. It works perfect for computers running Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and Android, iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry for mobile cell phones.

100% Safe System

This application use special proxies system built inside which automatically refresh itself every time you connect to certain account. Which means it camouflage your real location and use some other IP address from random locations all over the world. To learn more about this process read about cyber spying on Wikipedia.
You can absolutely be sure your identity will stay safe with using this app.

Safe hacking system

Tool Usage

There are many ways in which our program can help to solve problems to Skype users, and some of the most searched terms to have our tool are listed below.
1. Password recovery - People often forget their accounts password since nowadays there are many social networks and telecommunication apps like Skype is. So it's normal you can't remember all of them, and in this bustling life we're living in we even forget to save them somewhere.
2. Relationships control - It's sad but true. Today's relationships are full of jealousy and distrust. And this is all fault of social media growing in last years. Everyone can get in touch with whoever they want to. People have freedom like never before. That's why people get suspicious even in their relationship or even marriage partner and search for solutions how to spy Skype account (Or any other social network account like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.) to check if their girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating them.
3. Employees monitoring - Some companies who uses Skype for communicating sometimes want to supervise their employees activity to build up their security level and productivity. Our tool is just perfectly developed for purposes like these.
Download the tool now and get into your desired account right away!


Creators of this software are team of programmers from Germany and Russia who cooperates online and works on many tech-related projects. Our primary work is based on developing apps for increasing business experience. We often work with gaming companies as well to help them creating games, gaming mods and such. This software is one of our projects we built from curiosity in our free time to test our coding skills to see what level we are capable to reach. It fulfills us to see we are able to break some security protected system with our knowledge. (For educational purposes of course :). That motivates us to work and learn even more. Because famous qoote says: "Knowledge is infinite" :-)


This tool is not owned or affiliated with official Skype Technologies company in any way. All law registered trademarks and graphic material is ownership of their respective network.
Skype Hack tool should be used for educational and personal purposes only. Any other aim of usage will be at your own responsibility.